Plot: Colin and Ryan Pyle are brothers from Toronto, Canada. But that’s about all they have in common. Ryan has spent the last decade in China building his career as a documentary photographer. Colin stayed closer to home, in Toronto, and built up his own successful currency trading company, which he recently resigned from. 

Together they have just completed a 65 day - 18,000km - motorcycle journey around China. They have traveled through some of the country’s most populous and remote regions, while at the same time making a documentary film.

The purpose of the film is to put China on display. To explore the visual and cultural wonders that is China. With a massive population, crowded cities, abundant minorities and its stunning natural landscape; China offers a traveler an experience like no other. And we’re hoping you’ll come along for the ride, on one of the world’s greatest adventures. Our films title is: “The Middle Kingdom Ride”, as China’s historical name was once “The Middle Kingdom”.


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The Middle Kingdom Ride
Starring Ryan Pyle, Colin Pyle